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Our main training site is the training center of Calas near Maseille.
We have a main courtyard with 52 boxes and a barn of 30 boxes as well as 22 outside boxes. The outside boxes are equipped with fans to deal with the summer heat.

We also have an annex yard with roughly 30 boxes, of which are 2 barnes of 12 boxes. It is mainly reserved for the yearlings and the young two year olds. Finally a barn with 12 or so boxes serves as a place to isolate horses in pain or injured.

The calas training center offers great infrastructures for the trainers of Marseille. We have a large sand track of 3000 meters.
A 1300 meters track of sand and an all weather track.
We also have 13 hectares of grass with different trails. All these tracks enjoy various levels of elevation. Many sand trails with sprinklers allow for the horses to recover after efforts.


We also wanted to set up near the Parisian area. In 2019 we developed an annex in Chantilly with roughly 20 boxes. This allows us access to one of the best training centers in the world, that of Chantilly.

In a natural and princely setting, the Chantilly training centers offer an environment conducive to the efforts and progress of our horses. Every morning they gallop in the footsteps of some of the biggest champions of the discipline.

1500 hectares of forest, 145 km of sand tracks and 120 hectares of grass are all some of the many assets of this bucolic place.